How to Stay Calm: 5 Keys to Self Care in a Crisis

How to Stay Calm Life can be chaotic When we least expect it – in comes a curve ball. When life happens, how do you respond? My first instinct is to withdraw until the crisis is over.  Do you announce it all over social media? Do you tell your besties? Or you take it out…

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How to Change Your Life In a Blink

    How to Change Your Life… What are you looking at? Not to be snarky, but what are you seeing around your life? Are you stuck? Not Heard? Are you content? Or Constantly striving? Caught up in drama? Never enough time to get stuff done? Self Sabotaging behaviors? Never seems like enough? I totally…

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Healing America: 5 Unique Solutions to End the Anger

Healing America: 5 Unique Solutions to End the Anger I’m probably one of the most patriotic chicks you’re gonna meet.  I can no longer sit by and watch our great country self destruct. Every week there are more incidences of Americans self-destructing and taking down others with them.  As I write this, we are going…

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